The best COVID-19 Lockdown Styles

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Over the course of six months, the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the world in ways that would have seemed unimaginable back in December. Social distancing, self-isolation, and Zoom calls are all terms that have entered everyday vocabulary, but as barbers were forced to close, the term ‘#LockdownLocks’ soon began trending on social media!

A quick search on Twitter will show some hilarious home-cut mistakes, but here are our top three COVID-19 lockdown styles for men:

Go long

For many people, a lockdown gives them the chance to grow their hair out and try something new without worrying about what they look like. If you have quite short hair already, then being stuck at home for a few weeks is a great way to hide away as you go through that awkward in-between stage, allowing you to emerge from quarantine with that luscious long hair and a whole new style!

The short back and sides

If you’re not too sure about growing your hair out long, or you are looking to keep a smart appearance for those Zoom calls, then this is a great option. It will need the help of someone you trust to wield the clippers, but keeping your side and neckline clean and smart will keep you looking fresh for your next video meeting.

Brave the shave

On the opposite end of the spectrum to those wanting to grow their hair out, if you have been thinking about shaving it all off, then the lockdown is the perfect time to give it a go. Shaving it off is a great way of reducing the need to visit a barber as you can do it yourself, but if you are not a fan of how it looks, then you have a few weeks for it to grow back out before you need to see anyone!

What do you think, what’s the best lockdown styles you’ve come across?


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